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Case Study

Revolutionizing Medical Device Sales: A Holistic Approach to CX

CX Challenge:

A cutting-edge medical device company sought to stand out in a saturated market, prioritizing their entire customer experience. They recognized the need to refine their medical representatives' approach to building trust and supporting doctors across diverse touchpoints, both offline and online.

CX Approach:

  • Understanding Multifaceted Needs: Conducted a comprehensive analysis to comprehend the varied needs of doctors across different markets. Developed a tailored code of conduct for medical representatives to better service and connect with healthcare professionals.

  • Co-Creation & Doctor Inputs: Organized collaborative sessions with medical representatives to co-design the ideal experience. Incorporating invaluable feedback from doctors, we constructed feasible CX guidelines that encapsulated the brand's vision.

  • CX Implementation & Training: Introduced a customized training program, equipping the team to deliver unparalleled service. Concurrently, initiated enhancements to multiple touchpoints, ensuring consistency and excellence at every juncture.

CX Impact:

The renewed approach was met with enthusiastic feedback from doctors, cementing the brand's reputation for superior service. This led to heightened loyalty and increased repeat business.

Notably, even amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the brand's robust relationships ensured continued trust and a promising pipeline of future cases.

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