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Leadership Coaching

Empower your managers to become future-ready leaders with enhanced empathy, coaching abilities along with mastery of customer-centric tools to deliver a superior CX.

In today's dynamic business landscape, managers need more than just traditional leadership skills. Sonali's one-on-one leadership coaching sessions are meticulously designed to equip managers with the essential skill of empathy, enabling them to genuinely connect with employees and express understanding. Managers are transformed into adept coaches, fostering a customer-centric culture that directly resonates with customers. Furthermore, they will master design tools vital for conducting transformative workshops, further solidifying their role as change agents in the organization.

Young Businesswomen


Middle to senior-level managers, team leaders, and anyone in a supervisory role aspiring to level up their leadership game.


  • Proficiency in expressing and utilizing empathy

  • Enhanced coaching skills to shape team performance

  • Ability to foster a customer-centric culture

  • Understanding of how to facilitate cross functional collaboration

  • Mastery in design tools to continuously improve the CX

Business Impact

  • Strengthened employee-manager relationships leading to increased team cohesion

  • Higher employee satisfaction and retention

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction through a customer-centric approach

  • Streamlined workshops resulting in accelerated business transformations.

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