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Build an empathy mind set

Sonali is a sought-after keynote speaker, captivating audiences globally with her profound insights on empathy, customer experience (CX), the nuanced art of luxury, design thinking, and leadership geared towards crafting exemplary CX. Leveraging her vast experience with luxury and lifestyle brands, she weaves engaging narratives that not only inform but inspire.


Whether addressing industry conferences, corporate events, or academic forums, Sonali's sessions are a harmonious blend of real-world anecdotes, rigorous research, and actionable takeaways. Engage with Sonali and elevate your event by infusing it with ideas that challenge the status quo and stimulate transformative conversations.


Example of Speaking Topics

  • Crafting Exemplary Customer Experiences in the Luxury Sector

  • The Power of Empathy in Modern Business

  • Design Thinking: The Catalyst for Business Innovation

  • Redefining the Customer Journey of the Future

  • Building and Leading Customer-Centric Teams

  • Customer Experience for Start ups - where to get started!

  • Leadership for CX: Nurturing the Next Generation of Customer Champions.

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