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Direct Clients

Sonali has worked as a Luxury CX consultant with a range of businesses, from start ups to the world's most established luxury brands.  The type of engagement varies from developing luxury selling skills for the sales team to redesigning the brand's customer journey across channels and building customer centric cultures.

Brands through association

Before going out on her own, Sonali worked as Retail & Education Manager for the L'Oreal Luxe brands where so worked with a host of beauty brands. She is also a certified behavioral trainer for AchieveGlobal and Communispond, world leaders in communication skills. For years she worked a facilitator for brands worldwide. Through her experience as a Service Designer at Logotel n Milan, Sonali had the pleasure of designing customer expereinces for the world's legacy brands. Here are some of the brands she has had the pleasure to work with through association.

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