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Case Study

Embedding relationship selling in the Luxury Real Estate Experience

CX Challenge:

A prominent sales & marketing player in the luxury real estate sector sought to prepare their team to effectively sell upscale projects while fostering enduring client relationships.

CX Approach:

  • Deep Dive into Client Understanding: Through collaborative sessions, we created detailed client personas, enabling the sales team to truly resonate with and understand the unique preferences of luxury clientele.

  • Redefined Sales Protocols: An engaging workshop led to the development of specialized sales protocols that encapsulated the essence of luxury. From nuanced greetings, rapport-building timing, and meticulous data capture methods, to sophisticated negotiation tactics and post-sale relationship sustenance – every touchpoint was meticulously crafted to exude luxury.

  • Immersive Training Design: A uniquely tailored experiential training program was introduced, immersing the sales force in the world of luxury clientele. This holistic approach not only bolstered their skillset but instilled them with newfound confidence when interacting with high-end customers.

CX Impact:

Empowered with a deep understanding of their client base and armed with refined selling techniques, the sales team successfully cultivated long-term relationships, resulting in a remarkable 2X increase in sales.

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