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Case Study

Designing a seamless Omni channel Experiences to reduce customer complaints

CX Challenge:

Our client, a leader in exclusive fashion spanning bridal to casual wear, aimed to delight customers with personalized, consistent service tailored to diverse customer profiles.

CX Approach:

  • Streamlined Integration: Unified the online and in-store experiences, ensuring a seamless customer journey.

  • Customer empathy mindset: Organized workshops where representatives from the head office, website, and store teams collectively mapped customer journeys for distinct personas. This joint effort led to a deep understanding of the contrasting needs of bridal and casual wear shoppers.

  • Innovation in Service: Post the ideation phase, an exclusive in-store bridal service was launched, emphasizing scheduled appointments and leveraging virtual styling techniques.

  • Online Enhancement: We optimized the website by introducing product customization options, subsequently easing the load on the client's call center.

  • Empowered Customer Service: Training sessions were facilitated, honing the team's skills in problem resolution, enhancing customer satisfaction, and introducing effective cross-selling techniques.

CX Impact:

The refined strategy led to heightened customer satisfaction, a substantial reduction in complaints and returns, and improved sales conversion rates.

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