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Case Study

Digital-Driven Personalization to elevate a leading home decor brands' In-Store Experience

CX Challenge:

As India's home furnishing forerunner, this brand's premium standalone outlets presented a vast array of home décor solutions. The objective was twofold: morph their sales personnel from mere transaction handlers into insightful advisors, and simultaneously, fuse the physical store experience with their e-commerce platform, using tablets to craft a seamless omnichannel journey.

CX Approach:

  • Strategic Collaboration: Engaged cross-functional teams to dissect the current customer journey, spotlighting and mitigating friction points.

  • Tech Integration: Incorporated tablets into the sales process, empowering advisors to offer customers a cohesive view, bridging the in-store experience with online possibilities.

  • Service Reimagination: Designed a captivating service framework, positioning their advisors as curators of holistic home solutions, rather than just transaction facilitators.

  • Brand Realignments: Established new in-store brand guidelines to solidify this evolved approach, supplemented by a robust training module to ensure seamless execution.

CX Impact:

By pivoting from transactional to consultative selling and intertwining it with an omnichannel experience, customer engagement durations expanded, subsequently boosting the average basket size.

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