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Case Study

Transforming Customer Experience through personalized selling for a Premium Beauty Brand

CX Challenge:

In the fast-paced world of beauty retail, the premium brand aimed to significantly enhance its in-store sales while concurrently spotlighting new product launches and augmenting average transaction values. The core challenge was to identify and rectify underlying issues that hindered optimal customer experiences.

CX Approach:

1. Discovery - Diagnosing the Root Cause:

  • Established a dedicated CX task force, integrating expertise from both back-end processes and in-store experiences.

  • Executed a deep dive into the prevailing customer journey, meticulously spotlighting friction points from a customer-centric vantage point.

  • Isolated pivotal challenges: The sales personnel exhibited limited proficiency in cross-selling and link-selling, and there was a glaring deficit in effective on-the-ground coaching.

2. Design - Crafting a Refined Customer Experience:

  • Leveraged competitive benchmarking to ascertain best practices and initiated brainstorming sessions to craft solutions tailored to the brand's ethos.

  • Innovated with a 'beauty quiz', a tool facilitating beauty advisors in cultivating a more personalized, consultative sales dialogue.

  • The quiz was co-created, tested, and fine-tuned with indispensable inputs from internal stakeholders and customer feedback.

  • Mapped out a holistic, intuitive customer journey that equipped advisors with a strategic pathway, right from initiating a customer interaction to ensuring their content departure.

3. Delivery - Implementing the Vision:

  • Crafted a succinct action checklist, a foundational guide for training endeavors.

  • In tandem with the training unit, designed an immersive sales and service training regimen.

  • Championed a rigorous 'Train the Trainer' workshop for national-level trainers, ensuring consistency and excellence in service delivery.

  • The reimagined service experience was swiftly integrated across stores within a mere month. New hires were now privy to a comprehensive induction module, and the field coaching mechanism was robustly reinforced.

  • By anchoring the initiative with well-defined KPIs, the endeavor bore fruit: a remarkable 3X enhancement in average basket size within the inaugural month.

CX Impact:

Through a synergistic blend of empathetic customer insights, strategic design thinking, and seamless execution, the beauty brand witnessed a transformative shift in its customer experience. This not only augmented sales metrics but also ingrained a culture of continuous CX refinement, setting the brand on a trajectory for sustained growth and customer delight.

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