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Evolution of Passion: From Communication to Luxury Customer Experience

Passion #1 Helping people communicate with confidence

Early on in my career I become a behavioural trainer, delivering selling and presentation skill programs certified by leading training companies, Achieve Global and Communispond. Facilitating came naturally to me, but the real reason I choose this profession is because as an introvert, I struggled to express myself.  Learning how to communicate helped me manage my emotions and handle different social situations better driving me to help others gain the same confidence.

Passion #2 Helping people build genuine connections

Entering the world of luxury as Retail and Training manager for the L’oreal luxury brands, ignited a new set of emotions in me. Luxury sales was about attention to detail, high standards of service using the right vocabulary, elegant gestures and telling stories. A salesperson had to forge an emotional connection with each customer through personalized care, which demanded evolved communication skills. My passion evolved to helping people build genuine connections.

Passion #3 Helping organization build empathy for employees and customers

Teaching young sales people about a French brand they may have never heard off, getting them to convey passion and build rapport with customers who they couldn’t relate to was challenging at first. Instead of chastising them with just rules and regulations, I learnt if I could get them to care about the customer, the right actions would follow.  Leading with empathy, creating experiential training programs helped the sales team develop empathy for customers and service transformed. This experience opened my eyes to what enabled organisations to deliver a great customer experience  I pursued a Masters in Service design in Italy to learn how to embed empathy across organisations.

Passion #4 Helping brands differentiate through service  

After graduation, I worked with a Service Design Agency in Milan and executed projects for iconic brands like Zegna, Diesel and Nespresso.  I realized my mission as a Luxury customer experience specialist went beyond bridging the empathy gap, to delivering the brand promise through the customer journey.   Every brand needs a signature experience and the process of design helped me think strategically. Today, as a consultant, combining behavioral know how with service design methods along with my understanding of the luxury customer experience has enabled me to help brands tell their story through exceptional service.

Passion #5 Helping people connect across cultures

Now working in Dubai I have a new challenge, helping brands define elevated standards of luxury service while catering to diverse customer personas from various cultures. I found myself eager to bridge this gap and help brands connect with customers from various cultures.


I realise over a span of a 20+ years, while passion ignites us, it keeps evolving in response to new challenges. Our passion in life is never just one thing, but a reflection of our journey of self discovery.

Thanks for reading and would love to hear about your passions in the comments.


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