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How Luxury Sales Professionals can manage the challenge of E-commerce

In the evolving landscape of omni channel luxury sales, a common frustration lurks among professionals: customers browse in-store, then purchase online. Once driven by price advantages in duty-free or foreign markets, the threat now lies in the convenience of e-commerce. But why do luxury customers opt for online purchases?

Commonly for,

A. perceived cost or time saving

B. decision-making without in-store pressure

C. global availability of specific products

Yet, the allure of physical retail in luxury persists for the:

  1. ability to touch, try and feel the product

  2. brand immersion and storytelling

  3. sense of trust, personalise advice

  4. feeling valued, pampered and special

  5. assurance of care for post sales service

I urge luxury sales professionals, instead of being deterred by e-commerce, focus on their strengths and outshine advantages of shopping online in the eyes of the customer. Build the personal connection by really caring and listening to the customer. Take a long term view and don't push them towards immediate sales. Create a safe browsing experience for customers in store and share your passion for the brand.

In addition to address these diverging needs, some luxury brands have tried ways to integrate channels:

  1. Assisted In-store online shopping

  2. Click and collect for immediate evaluation

  3. Home delivery from the store

Ultimately, maintaining customer-centricity, regardless of purchase location, ensures long-term satisfaction and loyalty.

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