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What Luxury Brands can learn from the Big Fat Indian Wedding

Who doesn't look forward to a big fat Indian wedding? To be honest I always do.

The last few weddings I attended made me marvel at how Indian sense of Luxury has evolved. While large venues that accommodate thousands of guests, massive buffets and grand jewellery still represents the show of luxury for many; I have enjoyed experiencing the newer quieter luxury that involves boutique weddings in remote destinations made to accommodate less but offer so much more. And by more I mean the personal touch, attention to detail, exceptional service and delightful surprises that keep each guest truly engaged. Here are few examples to illustrate my experience:

Attention to Detail

Personal care is given to each guest’s arrival and departure, by a cheerful greeter who accompanies you to your car making just the right kind of conversation, addressing you by your name.


Invites come accompanied with detailed agendas and dress codes that touch upon thoughtful details like wear flats, it’s a garden party!


Each event have an immersive theme, selfie corners, complimented by the décor, color, dress code, cuisine and cocktails.


Exceptional Service

The team is available 24-7 for any crisis! This I experienced first-hand with a missing jewellery incident.


Regular updates on chat keeps everyone connected, updated on timings and shares ways to stay engaged throughout.


The hours of rigorous dancing in the grooms procession is supported by enthusiastic servers offering chilled beverages the entire way.


Unexpected delight

Gift hampers arrive with the usual goodies for your snacking needs, plus a thoughtful curation of essentials like band aids, safety pins and antacids.


Wedding Guests have access to complimentary ironing, hair and make up services before every event.


I see a shift in values from let me showcase material splendour to how can I curate an experience you will never forget!  Providing the right information, respecting people’s time, anticipating needs, taking care of every micro detail is the new luxury, and I love it!

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