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Life Lessons when you Start Afresh

Stepping out of your comfort zone is tough, but worth it. We left the ease breezy pace of Goa for the air conditioned towers of Dubai. In a matter of 6 intense months we found a lovely home,  friends like family and opportunities for professional growth. the move brought a lot of new experiences - good and bad into our lives. Looking back I am just grateful we had the opportunity to try something new, change in itself is invigorating. 

  • Your never too old to fail, and it’s okay

After twenty years of driving, I am failing miserably at local driving tests. It’s intimidating but I am determined to keep at it.  It’s been a long time since I actually felt nervous before a class. On the bright side it makes me feel like I am twenty again !

  • Never rest too comfortably on past laurels

I had reached a point in my 20+ year career, where I didn’t need to work hard at proving myself. Credibility has been established and projects would just appear. Putting myself out there, building a network from scratch takes effort, but also humility. Overcoming rejection and keeping my sight on my larger goals has helped me develop more resilience. 

  • Good people are everywhere, you just need to reach out 

So grateful to have met so many wonderful and helpful people in such a short time. Professionally people have been so open to dialogue and discovery. Personally new friends and old connections have enveloped us with a warm hug. Our lives have been enriched with intellectual and cultural diversity. 

That said, it’s easier to thrive in a new environment when you have the unconditional support and encouragement of old friends, family, clients and colleagues who are with you every step of the journey.  

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