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Customer Journey Mapping for Luxury Brands

Master the craft of journey mapping to revolutionize your customer experience

Duration: 1 day


This workshop is your gateway to proficiency in Customer Journey Mapping. Participants from various functions will come together and be guided on how to audit the current state of their customer's journey, identifying pivotal touchpoints and friction areas. With hands-on exercises, attendees will not only understand the pain points but will also design a future-state journey that promises enhanced user experiences.


Business Leaders, CX/UX Professionals, Product Managers, Operations, IT, Training, Marketing, Sales (All key stakeholders)

Soap Store Customer

Learning outcome:

  • Develop empathy for the customer experience from the customer's eyes

  • Acquire hands-on expertise mapping and auditing the customer journey

  • Master the techniques to envision and map a future-state journey of the desired customer experience

  • Gain cross-functional alignment on customer journey

  • Understand the value on having a visual map of micro moments with the customer

  • Gain a practical skill set that can be instantly applied for continuous CX improvements. 

  • Learn to identify, understand, and innovate upon customer friction points.

Business Impact:

  1. Optimized customer experience through actionable insights.

  2. Increased customer satisfaction leading to brand loyalty.

  3. Lower customer complaints and points of friction

  4. Future-ready strategies ensuring business growth and customer retention.

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