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Leveraging Customer Data to Personalise the Luxury Customer Experience

Master the art of analysing customer data and user research to shape personalised luxury experiences

Duration: Half-day


Explore the multifaceted realm of customer insights and engage with techniques that encompass both empathy and data. The module integrates the emotional with the empirical, harmonizing qualitative narratives with quantitative data, offering a 360-degree view of the customer that enables you to tailor make services and communication to them.


UX Researchers, Product Designers, Marketers, Customer Experience Professionals, and anyone eager to grasp customer perspectives deeply.

Soap Store Customer

Learning outcome:

  • Proficiency in empathy building research techniques, from direct observation to structured interviews. 

  • Understanding of data analysis tools and trends in Customer Experience

  • Ability to merge emotional narratives with hard data for richer, more holistic insights.

  • Master how to leverage data to create personalisation strategies for customers

Business Impact:

  1. Higher conversion on marketing effort

  2. Higher customer satisfaction scores

  3. Lower no. of customer complains

  4. Deeper customer relationships and retention

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