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Design Thinking for Luxury Brands

Stay ahead of the curve and harness the power of Design Thinking to craft memorable luxury customer experiences.

Duration: 1 day


Dive deep into the world of Design Thinking, a user-centric methodology that empowers businesses to innovate with purpose. This workshop equips participants with the knowledge and skills to apply Design Thinking principles in real-world scenarios. Attendees will engage in hands-on exercises, and learn to empathise and collaborate to find effective, out-of-the-box solutions to enhance their customer experience.


Business Leaders, Product Managers, CX Teams, Marketing, Sales

Soap Store Customer

Learning outcome:

  • Develop a profound understanding of the five stages of Design Thinking. 

  • Acquire actionable skills to lead and implement Design Thinking projects. 

  • Identify areas of improvement and come up with ideas to improve your customer experience

  • Learn the importance of cross fucntional collaboration and customer empathy in problem solving

Business Impact:

  1. Accelerated product development and improved go-to-market strategies.

  2. Cultivation of a user-centric culture that prioritizes customer needs.

  3. Enhanced collaboration leads to better problem-solving

  4. Competitive advantage through continuous innovation and adaptability.

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