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Luxury Retail Skills

Shift your selling style from sales focused to building emotional connections with customer

Duration: 1 day


This module is for luxury customer facing teams that have basic selling skills in place. They will elevate their ability to not just sell, but forge an emotional connection with customers. Participants will learn to represent their brand values in every action and master must have luxury skills like building rapport, brand storytelling and personalisation.

This module can be adapted to customer facing teams that communicate with customers via chat and the phone.


Luxury retail sales professionals, Store managers, Trainers

Soap Store Customer

Learning outcome:

  • Convey luxury brand values through action 

  • Narrat brand stories and personalise reccomendations

  • Ability to build rapport with customers 

  • Shift from just selling to building emotional connections

  • Enhanced upselling and cross-selling capabilities

Business Impact:

  1. Increased sales conversion rates

  2. Higher customer retention

  3. Higher average basket size

  4. Higher customer satisfaction

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