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VIP Clienteling for Luxury Brands

Craft exceptional experiences for your VIP clients

Duration: Half-day


This workshop focuses on the art of VIP clienteling, a key aspect of luxury retail. Participants will learn to segment, identify and recognise VIP clients. They will also create personalised journeys that create delight for their VIP clients. From offering personalised, value added services to building and maintaining long term relationships with VIP customers, participants will get inspired by latest trends and case studies in luxury.


Sales professionals, Store Managers, Clienteling teams, CX teams

Soap Store Customer

Learning outcome:

  • Develop VIP clienteling skills

  • Enhance customer loyalty

  • Create bespoke experiences for high-value clients.

Business Impact:

  1. Improved customer satisfaction scores

  2. Increased customer retention

  3. Higher value sales transactions

  4. More positive customer feedback

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