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Create customer loyalty by making a memorable last impression

Let's explore the often-overlooked but crucial aspect of delivering a memorable last impression in retail. The sale doesn't end with the transaction; it concludes with a positive and lasting impression.

Why Does the Last Impression Matter?

Guard Against Complacency

Don't be complacent once the customer agrees to the purchase; anything could happen at the point of transaction.

Opportunity to Build Rapport

The moment when the customer is waiting for the transaction is an opportunity to strengthen rapport further.

Set the Stage for Future Interactions

Sales is about cultivating repeat business. Utilize this moment to open the door for the next interaction.

How to Deliver a Memorable Last Impression:

1. Gather Contact Information: Ask for their contact information, providing a reason. However, go beyond and get permission to stay in touch.

2. Extend Invitations: Invite them back for special events, new collections, or loyalty programs. Encourage them to follow your brand on social media for updates.

3. Provide Additional Information: Share details like exchange policies, care instructions, or any relevant information related to their purchase.

4. Seek Feedback: Ask for feedback on their overall experience. This not only shows you value their opinion but provides insights for improvement.

5. Express Gratitude: Bid them farewell warmly, expressing gratitude for their visit.

When Does the Last Impression Occur?

The last impression takes place towards the end of the retail selling flow, from closing the sale until bidding the customer farewell.

Sonali’s Tip

In cases where the person conducting the sales transaction is different from the one assisting the customer, ensure a smooth transition. Introduce your customer by name to the cashier, and the cashier should continue building rapport while billing. Keep an eye on the customer and bid them farewell as they leave, ensuring a seamless transition.

In the world of retail, the last impression is as important as the first. It is a continuation of the customer experience and an opportunity to leave a positive and lasting mark.


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