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Elevate the luxury e-commerce experience with Chat

Updated: May 28

Chats are often seen as reactive customer service tools rather than opportunities to acquire, engage and connect with customers. When it comes to luxury brands, effectively using chat to meet customer expectations becomes even more critical. Let's delve into three key aspects of chat: moving from reactive to proactive, performing as a sales tool and personalising customer interaction.

Elevate chat from reactive to proactive

Nothing frustrates a customer more than not being able to find the information they need on a website. However when the chat is merely reactive, responding to customer queries, or obviously scripted, the experience becomes equally frustrating.  Luxury brands need to train their chats (human or AI powered) to proactively engage customers in a conversational style that mirrors the customer’s language. Many brands like creating chat bots with human personas and a friendly tone of voice, but at the same time are quick to recognise when to intervene with live chat. In this way they are able to ensure a conversational style with customers and probe to understand their needs. 

Chat are powerful selling tools

However, chats don’t have to stop at understanding customers and responding to their queries. With the development of generative AI and natural language processing, chats can make relevant recommendations based on current customer inputs and past purchase history. Acting like virtual stylists, chats can share links to products and direct the customer to areas of the website. Live chat agents can also mimic this behaviour and can easily transform mundane queries into meaningful conversations, uncovering opportunities for upselling, cross-selling, and building rapport with customers.

Personalise the e-commerce experience with chat

The one advantage of an instore luxury customer experience is the human touch. Sales professionals can recognise returning customers and address them by name, offering a personalised experience.  When chats are designed to capture critical details about customers, brands can leverage it to personalise the e-commerce experience. Firstly, brands can continue the conversation with customers beyond a single interaction. If they don’t have live chat, a brand representative can always get back to the customer. Secondly, brands can send targeted emails that speak directly to prospective customer, instead of generic newsletters. Thirdly, chats can be configured to recognise returning customers and greet them by name. In this way Luxury customers will feel a sense of belonging to the brand.

In Luxury e-commerce, chat is a powerful tool for engagement, customer acquisition, and relationship-building. By prioritizing the quality of human interaction, seizing customer acquisition opportunities, and leveraging automation intelligently, luxury brands can unlock the full potential of chat on their e-commerce websites.


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