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How Indian Direct-to-Consumer Brands Inspire Luxury Retail

an luxury brands take inspiration from India’s booming direct-to-consumer brands? The answer is yes! In many ways, these brands delivering a customer experience that closely mirrors luxury values like personalization, sense of belonging and purpose.


These emerging Indian brands lack heritage and are forced to stand alone and connect with a young and demanding customer that has plethora of choice at various price points. In these circumstances, several brands have managed to price themselves at a premium and still succeed. Let me illustrate this with some examples that stand out:


Blue Tokai:

One of the first Indian brands to bring the authentic coffee bean experience to Indian homes. Some of the customer centric strategies that have worked for them: 

1.  Leading with Purpose: Their ethos of sustainable farming, sourcing and packaging resonates with Gen Z

2. Immersive experience: They grew from an e-commerce brand to providing a brick and mortar experience through coffee shops across India.  They provide a unique brand experience, showcasing contemporary Indian music through a collaboration with artists under the tag “The Play Bar Project”.

3. Digitally First: Even with an aggressive brick and mortar strategy they launched an engaging app that allows you to order coffee on the go, has a loyalty program, and educates users about the coffee estates and brewing methods.


The Bliss Club:

As athleisure takes the world by storm, here is an Indian brand that strikes the right emotional chords with consumers.


1.  Leading with Purpose: Body positive messaging, reinforced with women of all body types modelling their products resonates with confident young women.

2.  Sense of belonging: Each product comes beautifully packaged with a personal note welcoming you to their community. The community which you can access via their app holds events around wellness and fashion, making sure they are always in dialogue with their loyal customers.

3. Customer service is on point, a complaint was swiftly handled via whatsapp, and returns are seamless with full refunds to unhappy customers.


82e:  Bollywood celebrity Deepika Padukone’s beauty brand has smartly differentiated themselves as a brand that nourishes your mind, body and spirit.


1. Purpose driven: The message that beauty is not about quick fixes with an emphasis on overall wellbeing resonates with women today.

2. Education first:  The brands YouTube channel definitely leverages the founders existing fan base, but goes beyond with expert guests, talks and tutorials on skincare and wellness.

3. Trust & Transparency: In this crowded beauty market, consumers look for guaranteed results. Ingredient transparency, performance claims supported by tests, along with sale of minis induces product trial.


In conclusion, luxury brands can indeed draw inspiration from India's booming direct-to-consumer brands, as they excel in delivering personalized, purpose-driven customer experiences that resonate with modern consumers. By adopting strategies such as leading with purpose, creating immersive experiences, and prioritizing digital engagement, luxury brands can effectively connect with younger, more discerning customers and thrive in a competitive market.


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