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Data-Driven Luxury: Leveraging Analytics for Superior Customer Experiences

How annoying is it to receive irrelevant information from a brand that you have previously shopped with ? It can make you feel under valued and invisible, and in today's busy world, a big waste of time. A friend who is a single career oriented personality feels miffed when receiving sentimental communication about mother's day and baby goods from her beloved luxury mall. A conservative shopper who always buys relaxed fit and full length workout gear would second guess the brand's relevance to her, when she is being recommended bodysuits. A brand loyalist that is an international traveller, would feel dejected to be treated like a first time shopper every time he visits a store in a new city.

The need for hyper personalised communication is not only about creating a sense of belonging by communicating to the customer that you "know them", it is as much about efficiency and convenience.

In an omnichannel experience personalisation can manifest in many ways across the customer journey. Let me elaborate this with examples in three key brand touchpoints.

  1. In Store: Being recognised and greeted by name is a simple personalised act. Asking a customer if they have shopped with you before, looking them up on a global CRM database and guided the conversation with context will fastrack the customer connection.

  2. E-commerce: Configuring a chat to recognise returning customers and access past conversations will make a customer feel welcome and minimise the pain of repetition. Analysing their past browsing and purchase history can help make personalised recommendations.

  3. Marketing: Simply capturing a customer's preferred mode of communication and sharing information accordingly is personalisation! Tailoring newsletters and offers to the right segment is a game changer.

Each of these examples of hyper personalisation is enabled by Data Analytics. With the advent of data analytics, luxury brands now have the tools to understand and anticipate the needs of their customers better than ever before. In luxury retail, understanding your customer goes beyond basic demographics. It's about knowing their preferences, purchase history, and even anticipating their future needs. By collecting and analyzing data from various touchpoints, luxury retailers can gain valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and trends.

Traditionally brands have leveraged data to send mass offers and sales follow up calls. It's time to elevate your team's data analytical skills with the goal of delighting customers. Our workshop on "Data-Driven Luxury Customer Experience" is designed to equip luxury retail professionals with the skills to leverage data for enhancing service delivery. Know more here

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